Dumbest things you do with your Smart Phone

We all do mistakes. Whether it is in the form of individually or collectively. We do mistakes while doing driving, in kitchen making omelette, playing favourite sport or using mobile phone in toilet seat. We all do idiot and stupid things in a while and it’s a fact. Everyone deserves to make mistakes in daily routine life.
As mobile phones are now an important part of our lives and we use them like millions of times every day. It is quite possible we do dumbest things to our mobile phones as well.
Smartphones are becoming smarter each passing day but people using them are not necessarily doing so.
It can create a lot of chaos if we use our mobile phone as a dumb. Like using speaker phone in public while doing a private call and thinking that people are not listening your conversation.. Or waving your mobile phone screen in a concert to get attention, using unnecessary and unsafe game apps to let them hack your phone, or taking extremely dangerous selfies to upload them on Facebook and get a lot of likes and shares. These all are stupid and dumbest things you do to your smartphone.

Now question arises that why we are so dumb sometimes while using these small extraordinary gadgets in our hands?
Well, the answer lies within the reasons itself, by avoiding these dumbest things. So here are some common things you are doing with your mobile phones that actually seems dumb and it’s not your fault.  

Downloading every app:

We all know that most of us has habit of keeping expensive smartphones and downloading each and every app we like. But does we know that not all the apps are safe. Yeah, welcome to malware city. If you want to keep it cool, just don’t try to download every app. Quite a few apps have malware and viruses in them which can harm your mobile phone and compromise your data privacy.

Taking dangerous selfies

We all have heard the news about the women who died while trying to take a selfie on ledge. Only professionals are allowed to click selfies from a dangerous spot. So unless or until you are a professional, don’t try to be over smart. It can cost you your life.  

Taking too much selfies

Iseriously don’tknow why we have obsession of clicking selfies every time. Part of me wishes each time when I see people taking too much selfies, that front facing cameras were never invented at first place.  You have a beautiful face.. why making it duck like face when clicking selfies? Does anybody know the answer? Please share in the comment section below..!

Using speaker phones in public

I have seen a lot of people using their smartphones with speakers ON. Well, if you are a mature person, don’t do this. Listen your calls without speakers unless you want to annoy everyone around you. I suggest if you want to use mobile phone in public for making call then use your headphones. Even second hand phones have clear voice quality.

Video shooting in Portrait Mode

If you are video shooting lover then you must know that videos are shoot vertically instead of horizontally. I literally cringe every time when I see people doing opposite. To all my friends and readers of these lines, please note keep your smartphone camera vertical while shooting your videos. Don’t ruin your birthday party video by shooting it horizontally. Videos look cut off when you shoot them horizontally whether you shooting from brand new mobile phones or from used mobile phones.

Shutting down all the background running Apps

We use hundreds of apps daily while using our smartphones. And most of them are still running in the background even if we are not using these apps. And suddenly we open our mobile phone and close all the apps at once thinking that this will help the battery and speed up the phone, right?
Well, I don’t think this will do anything good to your mobile phones. Mobile phones now-a-days are not like your desktop computer or a web browser where leaving the apps running will slow down your PC. Your mobile phone app has nothing to do with this myth.

Using Smartphone while walking
You are a sane if you never use your mobile phone while walking a busy street. Congratulations! Using smartphone while walking is painfully dumb thing. There are extreme dangers in doing texting while walking. If you do this, avoid this bad habit at your earliest.

Having Dark Wallpaper at the screen to save battery

A lot of people will suggest you to keep black background on your mobile phone to save battery. Do you think it is a right suggestion?
Well, the answer is NO. We all know that most of the battery life drainage is caused by keeping screen on and active. But using totally black background to save the battery is something I cannot understand.

Avoiding overcharging of the phone
Do you keep an eye on the charging point while mobile phone is charging to avoid over charging? If yes, then you should stop doing so. Your expensive and smart, mobile phone knows when its battery has reached the 100 percent maximum level. So you should sleep without any worries.

Keep notification volume full

You are in a busy meeting or sleeping after a tiresome day and suddenly your phone beeps up very loudly and everyone in the meeting room get distracted by it. I totally feel the embarrassment you would have on that particular time. Do the world a favour and drill into your settings and turn down the volume of your notifications or mute them totally to avoid any further embarrassment. Relying too much on your smartphone
We rely too much on our mobile phones. We use them in communication, directions, information and even in our relationships. But do we even think that what happens when your mobile phone run out of battery and shut down? So rely on yourself rather than on your smartphone.

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins Essential For Your Blog in 2018

All the organizations, companies and enterprises have become moreadvanced with the use of highly digital platforms. They all have their personalwebsites where they list down the products, history, contact details, addressand more for their consumers. People can easily explore their websites and canget the right details from the websites. Over 25% of the web is powered byWordPress and to run a smooth website, there are hundreds of essentialWordPress Plugins available in the market for your website. If you have juststarted a new firm and looking for a reliable platform to develop your website,Blue Astral is the placefor you.

Here we have listed down top 10 Best WordPress Plugins for 2018.

Before we move on to the list of WordPress plugins, you should know something about the current tech scenario of the world. There are many companies who offer different types of SEO services to help your website rank well. A Digital Marketing Agency helps your website to attract more audiences and this way, your firm will grow and you could see more productivity as a result. These companies do use a variety of WordPress Plugins to achieve desired goals. Let’s check out the most essential WordPress Plugins of 2018 now!

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast is one of the most popular WordPress Plugin which has millions of users around the globe. The plugin is used to handle all types of SEO related requirements of your website. SEO Services also use the same Plugin to keep things go in right direction. Writing and posting don’t do well if it is not optimised with SEO.

  • Shareaholic

Shareaholic is also an important WordPress Plugin which is used to share your contents on different social media platforms. The plugin is highly useful and most of the people do recommend using it to promote your website and contents on various popular social media platforms. Just place the share button beside your content or on the homepage, people will click on the buttons to share it.

  • OptinMonster

OptinMonster WordPress Plugin allows you to convert your visitors into subscribers. Subscribers of your website are like daily users. The contents which you share on the blogs will be visited by the subscribers which would be very helpful for your website to rank well.

  • W3 Total Cache

Faster websites rank well on Google which is why Speed is the most important factor for a website. W3 Total Cache plugin compresses the files which reduce the overall load on the website. This lets your website run faster and smooth.

  • Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery plays an important role to create a beautiful and an eye catchy gallery of images for your WordPress blog. You can choose from a variety of layouts and can create an impressive Gallery using this plugin.

  • Google Analytics

When it comes to track your website traffic, Google Analytics is here. This is the most popular plugin offered by Google helping you to keep an eye on your Website’s traffic. Google Analytics has become more advanced with a lot of new functionalities and options. You can also share your Analytics Stats to share the condition of your website.

  • Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps is the easiest method to help the search engine recognizing the contents of your website. This lets your website and contents index properly on different types of Search engines including Google. Just install the Plugin and activate it, that’s all you have to do for your website.

  • Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is the most essential Plugin for all types of websites. This form lets the readers easily contact you by filling up the required details into the given fields of the form.

  • CommentLuv

CommentLuv helps other readers to share their contents on your content. Yes, when a reader leaves a comment on your content, this Plugin lets him share his latest post URL along with the content. The other readers will click on the link and this way, it will help both, the readers and the owners.

  1. Akismet

It’s a free Jetpack WordPress Plugin which lets you block the spammers who unnecessarily commenting on your blog posts. The Plugin keeps hundreds of spam messages away from your content and you don’t need to monetize them.


In the modern technology world, organizations have becoming more digitally advanced with the use of computers and related software. There are many new organizations which are looking for the best suited Computer Maintenance Management Software, due to lack of proper information, they are unable to choose the right one for their organizations. If you run an enterprise, KloudGin provides you the suitable software to run an enterprise smartly with the help of advanced technology and tools. For CMMS Software, we have listed down some keys to choose the perfect CMMS Software for the organization.

Every organization has maintenance planners and managers to take care about the equipment and software and other assets of the company. When there are a lot of equipment and maintenance tools and software available in an organization, maintenance planners and maintenance managers seek help from CMSS Software. If you think CMMS is essential for your organizations, you can follow the tips from here.

7 Keys to Choose Your CMMS Software

  1. Know about your requirements

Before making up your mind on the right CMMS for an organization, you need to first figure out the basic requirements of your organizations. Make sure you are aware about using the CMMS which you are going to buy. Each CMMS software has different set of features to fulfil the requirements of the organizations. For that reason, you need to choose the CMMS software according to your requirements.

  • Search for the suitable suppliers

When you have a list of your organization’s basic requirements from the CMMS Software, you can search for the suitable suppliers from the web. The suppliers do have their own websites with the available products, you can check for the suitable CMMS Software from their websites easily.

  • Choose fully functional CMMS Software

Since there are different types of CMMS Software in the market, you need to choose the Software which is fully customization and functional. It is safer for the enterprise to choose a software with all the required options. With the list of your basic requirements, you need to check out the available features and functions on a CMMS Software.

  • Check out the reviews and Feedbacks from the past clients

Make sure you check the reviews and feedbacks shared by previous clients or we can say, the past users of a particular CMMS Software which you are going to purchase. This way, you will get to know about the actual functionality of the software.

  • Go for a free Trial

Almost every Software Provider lets the consumers test out the product. You would be given a free trial of 7 days or 30 days as per the company’s policies. Once you are fully satisfied with the CMMS Software, you can go for the premium version of it and can purchase a licensed copy of it for the organization. It’s really helpful for you to become familiar with the software first.

  • Check for the Support Team – On-going support from the Supplier

Each CMMS Software offers 24*7 support for their customers and organizations. You need to check out the support policy from the software provider’s website. You can visit the contact us page from their websites from where you can get proper information about the Support. Whenever something goes wrong with your software, you can get proper support from the support team.

  • Know about the future updates and extra charges

It is mandatory to ask the software supplier to know about the future updates on the CMMS Software which you are going to buy. To remove available bugs and to make the software and its functionality more stable, the supplier releases proper updates of the software. Suppliers may ask you for extra charge for the updates, what you need to do is, ask the supplier about the extra charges for the future updates. Many suppliers give you regular updates for free for 3 years or so. Make sure you have read all the terms and conditions about the CMMS Software AWS well. The above listed Keys are essential to choose the suitable CMMS Software aws for an organization to fit your needs. Make sure to homework well before choosing a CMMS Software.

Best Tips for Ecommerce Website Design To Increase Sales

Online sales attracting customer over’s traditional sales. Every business moving to sell online. SEO attractive website with reasonable product prices gaining customer trusts. Mention below tips can be useful on your website design which will increase sales.

Home Landing Page – best practice for SEO, create many landing pages. But the home landing page is always interesting par for users.  50 % users visit homepage through logo through inner landing pages. to know about the website details. Home Landing is a single page with mention short overview of best features included in the website. This can be implemented on the website and can be perfect tips for boosting sales. Well, design trends theses creating a single long page using video, product discount offers. 

The survey suggests that this tips to single best shot tips for increasing ROI. Lots of marking expert suggest that home landing page should be integrated with new offers in slider kind of sections. You can look at the big ecommerce website they always mention high selling product on the home page. Css card for best product with offers badge placed on the home can help to boost sales.  

Multimedia and Social Proof – Showing multimedia content such as a video about testimonial as well social proof will bring more sales. Users always want to buy a website which seems have https as well having social proof. a new website maybe won’t have social presence implementing proper of social media icons increase users to interact through social with a proper response as well having good feedback from the user can increase social presence. A good video testimonial increases sales by 50 %. Promotional video with the slider can increase sales. Placing on this content on the inner pages with a section can help you increase ROI.

Description and Product Images – Product description with clear images of product always bring the trust of customers.  Images of product with showing site matching border using CSS will show professionalism in the website. Usually, the user wants to know more about the product through images those can bring a real-time experience. Mostly e-commerce website built using CMS with having a default hover popup for view images. By adding new customization on this will give uniqueness to your website. Which also will gain attraction from users. The best website Design Company always build a theme with having a good presence of theme matching popup and sliders effects. Website product and description always should be best mobile compatible 

Mobile Design: – 80 % of users use mobile for shopping using PWA or RWD approach can help to make website compatible mobile browsers. There is always have lots of debate about mobile version compatibility but at least website mobile versions should be accessible basic features on mobile compatible. 

Invite Page – a new website can easily gain new users if they have well structure invite users sections. By implementing social invite plugin with a well-written message about can increase website users those will help to boost sales also.

Reward Point Page – any e-commerce website can increase sell by implementing a reward point page. A good design with using info graphics for rewards process can help to boost sales. Lots of customers recommend the website to another user for reward in this page clear explanation always gain customers.

 Easy Checkout – Product page with detail description of the product with having good ratings was the traditional approach. Now new website trends indicating a good attractive as well as easy checkout attract to the customer for buy product. if a website implemented easy checkout increase sales. 

 Bottom line – above mention tips taken from the marketing experts and all are the have different outcome. You can implement these tips with alpha and beta testing. 

How to Build an Outdoor Musical Wall for Kids

It is well known that learning through play is more than useful for kids because they tend to learn faster if they find the process interesting. After all, isn’t it the same with the adults? We also remember things faster and easier if we are not trying hard to memorize them. It is easier to remember a whole dialogue from a movie than one line from a school book.  

If we react in this way, imagine how our kids must feel. It is completely normal for a child to learn more about different kinds of plants while playing outdoors than from a school book with plant pictures. At the end of the day, they are just kids and they have to play as much as possible because that helps their psychical development.

People are constantly finding new ways to indulge them and make their playtime different and fulfilling. This is how they have come up to the idea of building musical walls. They knew children love music but not just listening to it. They like making it. If you have a kid, you probably know how they like to “play” with your pots or saucepans. Anything that makes sound can be interesting for them, especially during the early age. This can be annoying if performed inside the house but it gets rather interesting (even for the adults) if the “instruments” are placed outdoors.

In this article, we will explain what musical walls are and how you can build them on your own (with the help of your kids, of course).

What Are Musical Walls?

Musical walls are usually square-shaped wooden constructions that stand in courtyards or playgrounds with many improvised instruments attached to them. The wall itself can be a piece of wood made especially for the purpose of the music wall or you can use your courtyard fence. You can paint it in different colors depending on the type and design of the “instruments” you will attach to the wall.

The instruments are not the real instruments that musicians play. The instruments people use for making musical walls are actually different objects you use every day in your kitchen, garage, etc. They can be new in case you want your kids to play with completely clean and unused objects or you can use the old stuff from your house and teach your kids how to recycle.

You can take your old pots, saucepans, forks, spoons or any other wooden, metal, glass or plastic thing that produces any kind of sound. Take some old cans, pipes or bottles, hung them on the wall in any way you and your kids like, grab a “drumstick” and make some noise. There are no rules, you can experiment and rearrange the instruments until you get the perfect combination that makes you all happy.

What Kinds of Musical Walls Are There and What Are They Made Of?

Actually, there are no specific kinds of musical walls. It can be any kind you want it to be. It’s important that your child likes it.

As we have previously said, musical walls usually consist of wooden panels or fences and different kinds of objects that are attached to them and used to make sounds. You can paint the wall the way you and your kids want. Also, you can paint the “instruments” in the way you want in order to make the wall more colorful and lively.

Some people prefer to use metal/aluminum objects like old pans, pots or different kinds of cans. In this case, you have to be prepared for the specific sound these “instruments” make. We have to warn you – it will be quite metal and loud, even a bit unpleasant, especially for your neighbors.

Others use glass (old bottles, jars, etc.) as glass does make very pleasant sounds. At least it is more pleasant than the sound metal “instruments” produce.

Also, you can make your instruments from paper or plastic. People usually use these materials to make different kinds of pipes. They left the pipes open on one side so your kids can take, for example, a rubber flap and hit the pipe. It shall produce very unusual and interesting sound.

In addition, flutes made from PVC or improvised guitars made from a piece of cardboard and a few rubber bands can be ideas to consider.

How Can You Build a Musical Wall in Your Yard?

If you add some fun to it, building a musical wall can be very easy.

First, you will have to pick a piece of your fence or get a piece of wooden panel that you can use as the actual wall. If you want to use the panel, you should consider fixing it on the bottom so the kids can’t flip it over. It has to be stable and solid.

Second, pick as many objects as you can (according to the size of the panel, of course). Decide whether you want the instruments to be wooden, metal, glass or some other material. Of course, you can simply mix everything you can find.

After that, buy some paint and cover your instruments with it. That way, people won’t even be able to tell that the yellow instrument is actually a bottle or that the red one used to be a pan.

The instruments have to be nicely fixed to the wall because kids love to explore things and they can hurt themselves if something is not properly attached. You should also consider covering the screws and nails with some rubber material because you don’t want your kid’s hands to be covered with scratches.

In the end, all you have left is to grab some kind of stick and play.

Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Making Musical Walls

We have mentioned some of these things before but we thought it would be good to conclude the article by listing them all because your kids’ safety must be at the first place no matter what you are doing.

Whatever type of material you want to use for making the musical wall, make sure that none of the pieces has sharp edges. They all should be nicely rounded and safe for use. Also, make sure the nails aren’t too exposed and that the instruments aren’t damaged, broken or rusty. If they are, fix them, remove the rust and cover the surface with paint or some protective material.

The best way to have fun with your kids is when you are sure they are completely safe.

Author Bio : Chris Howard is a writer, developer and digital marketer. He is a tech enthusiastic person and likes to write on latest topics about technology, business, education etc. You can visit his website Audio Reputation.com and find a lot of information.

How Important Is Wi-Fi to a College Education?

Education has grown immensely over the years and it’ll continue to grow for years to come. The internet has become a huge part of our everyday lives. Education has changed thanks to our ability to access the internet through a facility called Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is the technology that allows computers, cell phones and other devices to connect to the internet. This essay will discuss the importance of Wi-Fi in schools.

I have experienced first-hand how important Wi-Fi is in schools. When I was in elementary school teachers used the internet to educate their students but not to the degree that they do today. In elementary school I took my SOLs on pencil and paper but once I entered middle school I started taking my SOLs on the computer. I remember back when I was in high school I had to take a final exam on the internet but the power had went out at my school. My teacher didn’t have a paper version of the test or a backup plan so the test was postponed until the following week. Ever since then I started noticing how reliant schools have become on Wi-Fi.

One of the reasons why Wi-Fi is needed in schools is because of how the huge amount of education that can be found on the internet. There are projects and research assignments that can only be found on the internet that help enhance education. Education has gravitated more towards mobile learning such as iPads, tablets and laptops. This is also important because it teaches the next generation how to operate these technological devices. As the years fly by educational lessons are becoming more dependable on technology so lessons can’t be taught without reliable Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi has also given way to long distance education as well. Students from the United States can work with students who live across the world. Wi-Fi has allowed students who can’t attend class in person to still be a part of class via online classes or video conferences. Wi-Fi has allowed schools to use this method to help alleviate some of the stress that comes with their students’ education.

Another reason why Wi-Fi is important in schools is because it makes working on group projects easier. I know from personal experience how much of a benefit this is. I had a group presentation I had to work on for a Tidewater Community College arts class and there were times when my group members couldn’t make it to our meetings. We came up with the idea to use the school’s Wi-Fi to create a goggle docs file so we can all edit the presentation from home. This saved us a lot of trouble and stress.

Wi-Fi has made education more enjoyable for students because it allows students to learn in a way they can relate to. Students from the next generation are more familiar with technology because technology is such an important part of their lives. Students can study for upcoming tests and quizzes by using Wi-Fi to play games in order to test their knowledge. Wi-Fi has also allowed students to contact their teachers and counselors in ways they wouldn’t have been able to without it.

Even though Wi-Fi has opened the door for a lot of educational advantages not everybody is okay with it. There are schools that refuse to use technology in their education but we can’t just ignore the fact that technology is a huge part of our lives. No matter what we do we can’t stop the change anymore then we can stop the sun from setting. Schools that haven’t already accepted that are going to have to adapt to the change of Wi-Fi being necessary for the new era.

No matter what age, gender, or ethnicity, students have proven that Wi-Fi has helped them learn in ways they couldn’t have without it. I’m one of those students who has benefited from Wi-Fi in schools in numerous ways. Wi-Fi is not perfect and there can be drawbacks to it but you have to take the good with the bad. In this case the good far out ways the bad.

Author Bio:

My name is Charlotte, you can contact me on my website Router Instructions.