4 Tips To Create A Captivating Social Media Plan For Your Business


Ten years back, social media was only meant for personal interactions and casual chit-chats. In 2018, the scenario has completely changed. Social media has become an essential online marketingplatform for businesses across the world.

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Almost all companies promote their products and services on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G Plus, Instagram, etc. But most of them do it without any proper strategy, which leads to poor results.

Here are the 4 tips for creating a winning social media strategy for your business. Remember, an ineffective social media plan can never help you get the desired results.

1. Analyze your current social media strategy: Before you create a new social media plan, it’s important to analyze your current strategy. Compare your profile with other competitor profiles on the social media channels you’re active on. Check your company’s profile photo, biography, urls, etc. Find out the social media platforms that give you the most value.

2. Identify your target audience: An integral part of a good social media plan and online marketing is to identify your target audience. For instance, if you identify your target audience as working mothers, then that is fine. However, if you can identify your target audience as working mothers who live in India, earn between Rs 30,000 and Rs 50,000, are active on Facebook, and have interest in organic foods, you’ll get more success.

Who buys your products? Who are your repeat customers? Which age group is the toughest to sell? Get this information first.

3. Create a catchy mission statement: Make a catchy social media mission statement. Your social media statement should express what your brand stands for and how you want to use the social media platform.

For example, your mission statement can be something like this:

“To use social media to educate our customers about our products, latest value-added services, and lucrative deals”. Once you have created a statement, it’ll be easier for you to create and share content on the social media.

4. Share engaging content: Content is the king. So you should always try to share engaging content on the social media channels.

You have all the details. You have all the details of your products. You have all the information about your target audience. Now you just need to create and curate relevant blog posts, eBooks, articles, infographics, etc. You can also tell a story through images, videos, interviews, etc.

There are 50 types of content that you can create and share through social media. But I would suggest you to create content that goes well with your social media mission statement and skills. Your top priority should be to create unique, informative and engaging content. So coordinate with the content marketing department to create meaningful content.

Decide the topics you want to cover. Give some time to the content team for developing engaging content. Create a content calendar that outlines how often and when you want to share a specific topic on the social media.

Don’t forget to use the social media management tools

Social media planning can be overwhelming if you don’t have adequate tools. The right social media management tools can help to create content and develop a comprehensive posting schedule. In short, social media management tools help you make a strong social presence, and this is why you should use them pro-actively.

The best social media management tools are:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Content Calendar
  3. Raven
  4. Sprout Social
  5. Crowdfire
  6. Hubspot
  7. HootSuite
  8. Buffer
  9. TweetDeck
  10. MeetEdgar
  11. Sprinklr
  12. Sendible
  13. Everypost
  14. Social Pilot
  15. CoSchedule
  16. MavSocial

Research and post at the right time

Post your content and images at a time when you can communicate or interact with the target audience. Some people suggest posting late in the morning. Make sure your social media marketing managers are there to answer all product related questions from the customers. They should answer all the questions related to tweets and posts. What’s the point of sharing posts at a specific time if social media managers are not there to interact with customers? Although, a brand’s average response time is 10 hours, but most customers feel that they should get a reply to their messages within 4 hours. Don’t leave the messages unattended. Just be there and talk to your audience to earn respect as a brand.

Hire a digital marketing company

If you don’t have time to create an effective social media plan, then hire a good digital marketing company in town. Explain your requirement to the company and get the desired results within a few months. Just check the success rate of the company in digital marketing before working with them.


Last but not the least, identify the key success metrics since your social media plan will be futile otherwise. Don’t pat your shoulders just because your Twitter followers or Facebook ‘likes’ have gone up. I’m talking about money here. Your social media plan is truly successful when it helps to increase your profits. That’s your ultimate goal.

Some of the few metrics you can use to measure success are (a) reach (b) conversion rate (c) total time spent on the website (d) clicks (e) total shares (f) brand mention (g) sign-up (h) hashtag performance.

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