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Do you have a broken iPhone charging port? You may be worried about this and think that you need to change your phone. This is not true because you can get this port fixed. It may be that liquid touched the charging port, or maybe a pin broke inside the charging port, iTunes may not be recognizing your phone, etc. Read on below to find out ways to fix this problem.



Check if everything is working

 Start off by being certain the cables, as well as, adapters are plugged in properly. Also, see if the power outlet is actually working. When you are charging with your computer or laptop, be sure that this is switched on. You should also be sure that it is able to charge the device. You can connect to another computer to see if it works then.


If it is still not working you can unplug the device then see if the Lightning port has any debris. This may be stopping it from charging. Blow here or get a compressed air blower to do this. If you figure out that the charging port is broken then continue reading on. You should be sure that the charging port is broken before you start fiddling with this.

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Observe the Lightning cable carefully


Have a look at your Lightning cable and see if it is damaged. You can look carefully at the ends of your USB cable that you use. You should know that Apple’s Lightning cables are likely to fray, mostly that end which connects to the iPhone. After checking this, if you see that there are any visible signs of damage, you may need to get a new cable now.


Check your warranty


Before taking apart your iPhone, you should check the warranty that you have. If this is still present and covers issues in the charging port then go get it fixed by the manufacturer. Do this before trying to fix the charging port by yourself.


Fixing the iPhone dock connector


If you need to replace the Lightning dock of your iPhone then you can try and do this by yourself. Below is an explanation of how to do this in an iPhone 5.


  1. Switch off the phone– You should power off your iPhone before starting to repair it. Remember to power it off fully. This can be done with the Slide to power off choice that is present. It is important that you do this.
  2. The front screen assembly needs to be removed– You can get a security screwdriver to do this. Start by removing those two screws located at the bottom of the iPhone which are on each side of your dock. You will also need a suction cup that should be placed above the phone’s Home button. Pry up particularly from the bottom. Do this gently and be careful not get the full screen off because the top area of the screen tends to be attached by some cables. The bottom portion only needs to be released.
  3. When the screen is free you can then swing up your display assembly in order to have access to the shield which holds the iPhone’s cables in place.
  4. A ##000 screwdriver will be needed to remove those three screws which hold your display shield down. After this put the shield on the side. You should not mix up the screws. You do not want to mix up the screws and face confusion later on.
  5. A spudger tool will be needed to pry up those three cables which attach the display specifically to the board. When this has been done the display should be such that it should be free from your device. You will only be able to view two of the cables because the third one will be underneath. Sometimes the third one pops up by itself at the time that the first two are removed. It may have to be free, but it may simply come up by itself.
  6. When the display is free then you should put the device on the side.
  7. Remove the battery now– Begin by removing those two screws which you will see. The spudger tool can be used to pry the connector carefully off the board. Now remove the battery very carefully so as to not let damage occur. Begin at the corner that is on the top left. Place the opening tool among the casing along with the battery. Begin lifting upwards in a gentle way. Slowly move the tool around the phones’ battery’s left side. Pry upwards slowly. Whenever you hear adhesive cracking, apply pressure evenly. Move the pry tool every time also. When you reach the bottom of the adhesive, break the rest, then remove it.
  8. Removing the connector assembly– Now you should remove the phone’s Lightning dock connector assembly. Do this carefully.
  9. Separating the loudspeaker– The next step is to separate the loudspeaker assembly particularly from the dock assembly. After doing this put the loudspeaker assembly upon the new one, i.e. the dock connector assembly.
  10. Finally, replace your iPhone’s dock connector assembly.
  11. After this replace the battery.
  12. You will then need to reconnect the display assembly.
  13. When you have done all of the above tests, the dock assembly to see if it works.


Get it repaired from a professional


The above process is quite complicated. You definitely do not want to harm your iPhone especially if it is one of the latest ones that cost you much to buy. You can visit a mobile phone repair shop to fix your broken charging port for you. If you also have any other issue, like you need an iPhone screen repair you can also ask them to do this. The professional may also have good tools to fix your iPhone.

If you decide to fix the charging port of your iPhone by yourself you need to be very careful not to damage anything else in the process. If you have the iPhone X or a set that you bought for much money then it may be better getting this port fixed from a professional who knows what they are doing.

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