JioFi WiFi Modem Makes excellent WiFi network for Your Home


Here is the best ever modem by Reliance Jio Communications private limited called JioFi. The wireless modem to get in touch the internet world. Reliance Jio surprising the users by their various offers, apps, gadgets, value added services in cheapest rate in india. Their all services are generally get popularity in india since all the services are are affordable to all level of users. Here in this post, we are going to discuss the popular and value gadget from Reliance Jio Communication, The powerful WiFi modem named JioFi.


JioFi is the WiFi modem that allows users to connect to high speed internet (In 4G speed) in india to their personal computers, android smartphones and other screen resolution devices like tablet etc. JioFi provides high speed VoLTE services and WiFi signals so that using the JioFi modem, we can connect up to 16 devices to internet at a time. As reliance Jio provides 4G network across the country, we can use 4G speed internet data with JioFi. One of the best part of the device s that even 2G or 3G smartphone can be able to connect to high speed internet with JioFi. Most of the smartphones does not supports Video and voice call because it is not VoLTE (Voice Over Long Term Evolution) enabled. So the JioFi converts 2G/3G smartphone to VoLTE with the help of JioFi and one another Jio app called Jio4GVoice or JioJoin.  Uisng Jio4GVoice , you can access internet on smartphone so that enjoy HD Video and Voice call with your low configuration smartphone.


For using Jio4GVoice on your smartphone, you need to login to Jio with your Jio username and password. If you are a Jio customer , you can make account on Jio with your Jio Number and the password you are selected.


In JioFi, we are inserting Jio SIM, and activating Data offer so that we can make WiFi environment with JioFi, Then connect up to 16 devices simultaneously. To connect to internet or WiFi, you need to connect by entering SSID. There is SSID value for each and every JioFi modem and that you can copy from the inner part of the device. Just remove the battery and in the details, you can see SSID. Now search wifi network by your device after turn on JioFi. When your device detects WiFi , the device itself get a box to enter SSID, just enter SSID and then connect.


Price of JioFi is not much. At the time of launch, you need to spend 200INR to own JioFi. Now you will get JioFi in just 999 INR as festival price, with data pack.


Make HD video call on 2G or 3G smartphone Using Jio4GVoice and JioFi


Now using JioFi and Jio4GVoice you can make HD Video and voice call in 2G or 3G smartphone. For this you need to download Jio4GVoice from , the latest version. Now connect JioFi with smartphone. After initializing Jio4GVoice, the app itself identifies the Jio SIM inserted on JioFi modem. Now using the dialpad of Jio4GVoice , dial the contact number and make Voice and Video call easily In HD quality.


You can also send messages, call etc using Jio4GVoice and JioFi using your low configuration android smartphone.

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