The top 5 best cameras to start photography

camera for photography

Just surf the Internet or go to the store to realize how difficult the choice can be when you want to start the picture, as the offer is vast. Compact, bridge, hybrid, reflex? Not easy to choose. To enlighten you, we selected for you 5 cameras for beginners. Their prices are affordable and they are quite easy to manipulate, high-quality color CMOS camera module so that you too can embark on the great adventure of Photography.

First of all, let’s deliberately leave out compacts and bridges that are not often equipped with enough manual settings or not practical enough in their functionality to properly explore Photography.

Let’s focus on hybrids and SLRs, which, in addition to being much more sophisticated, allow you to change your objectives according to your evolution and also the style of photo you want to achieve.

1) The Samsung NX3000

In the category of hybrid cameras (the hybrid camera is a compact large sensor, capable of accommodating interchangeable lenses), the Samsung NX3000 is an excellent choice. Simple to use, cute, distilling a very good image quality and enjoying one of the best autonomies among hybrids, it has everything to become the perfect little companion of the family. In addition, its 180 ° swiveling screen and its Wi-Fi connection will seduce novice photographers.

Average price: 285 €

The Samsung NX3000

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2) Sony Alpha 5000

The Sony Alpha 5000 is a good choice for those who want to learn photography smoothly. Also equipped with Wi-Fi and a good image quality up to 3200 ISO, it is much more affordable than its successor the Alpha 5100 which for a much higher price does not bring much more to the model. This is the entry level device to put the first foot in the picture.

Average price (sold in a kit with a 16-50 mm zoom): 359 €

Sony Alpha 5000

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Now let’s go to reflexes …

The reflex cameras are distinguished, compared to compact and hybrid by their versatility and their much more complex mechanics. A little bigger, they often have better ergonomics and more functions than these. If their size does not scare you, note that they allow greater accuracy in settings and stability for shooting. The image quality of a reflex can also be, because of its larger sensor size, better quality. It is to this choice that will go those who think to push further their photographic experience.

It is not necessarily wise when one starts to move towards a pro-SLR like the illustrious Canon 5D MarkIII for example, which in addition to a very important cost (count about 2 900 € for a camera without a goal), will require that you attach professional objectives, the cost of which often exceeds € 1,200 on average for a standard objective. There are very good reflex input or medium range already allowing to make very beautiful pictures and to take pleasure in the photo.

The following two devices are good examples. They also allow to film in full HD which can be a little extra for holiday movies or beginnings of videographers:

3)  Canon EOS 1200D

Sold with a zoom 18-55mm Canon 1200D remains quite easy to use and is also distinguished by the application “My Coach EOS” available on Android and iOS. This application helps beginners by introducing them to the grip of their device, explaining in a clear and didactic, image and video, the various buttons and offering them shooting exercises. In addition, it incorporates a “challenge” mode, where a situation and a photographic approach are drawn at random, the mission of the photographer is to make a snapshot that meets both criteria. The application also includes the user manual of the 1200D, which can be particularly convenient in case of forgetfulness. This entry-level kit is one of the best choices to start in a fun and didactic way.

Canon EOS 1200D

Average price:  379 €

Photo credits: canon

4) Nikon D3200

The Nikon D3200 is sold a bit cheaper than the Canon EOS 1200D. The Nikon D3200 will appeal to anyone looking for a serious, responsive, entry-level SLR with a good sensor and … scratched Nikon. He will miss a little daring to win against the gun.

Average price: 349 € (sold with a zoom 18-55mm)

Nikon D3200

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And to complete this selection, here is a device that could match those who, a little more demanding, want to have from their beginnings a device a little more advanced (and a little more expensive). However, you can keep it longer than an entry-level device before you get tired of it or reach its limits:

5) Canon 700D

Canon 700D

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If your budget allows, you can aim a 750D or a 760D equipped with a zoom 18-55mm that will do the job.

Average price: 599 € (700D), 719 € (750D) and 749 € (760D)

The advice of Jimmy Damase, professional photographer: do not forget however that the camera alone is not everything and that a good lens is one of the 3 essential elements to a good photo. The camera, the lens and you. Equipping his camera with poor quality optics would be equivalent to putting smooth tires on a 400-horsepower sports car. Finally, even with the best camera in the world and the most expensive, you will need as you learn, discover and understand the basic rules of photography, understand the operation of your device to be able to control it and decide what pictures you will make. For this you can learn through the excellent websites and magazine on the subject or by interacting with a professional and confirmed photographer who can help you progress even faster with some personalized photo courses, alone or in groups.

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